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GIRUGAMESH - 戦友共闘歌 (2005.04)

Tada~! I come bearing wonderful gifts! These are scans and rip of a live-only distributed cd of girugamesh! This is a few years old, everyone has the song (or well, they should!) but I ripped it in full quality. Enjoy!

album: 戦友共闘歌 (2005.04)
artists: ギルガメッシュ

01. 白状の指輪 (ギルガメッシュ)
(title: hakujou no yubiwa - album: senyuu kyoutou uta - artist: giruagmesh)

There was something odd about this disc. I put in the girugamesh disc, and a little window popped up asking me to choose between three tracks. Instinctively, I selected girugamesh (track 3). The first track, i assumed was the other band or just a different band from that live. The second track (and this is the kicker) was a song from LL COOL J. (WTFYO!!) I put the disc back into my computer to rip the other two songs for shits and giggles but something strange happened, the window I saw didn't appear again and it went straight to playing giruagmesh! So, I plugged in the second disc featuring the other band. It listed the file information for girugamesh's song on the other disc but what I was listening to wasn't girugamesh! And I can't seem to bring the window back at all, or rip the other songs from any program. THIS IS ALL SO WEIRD AND STRANGE!!
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Tags: girugamesh, rip, scans, ギルガメッシュ
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Uhh thanks for a the scan and hope the wimdow pops out soon
hey! :) thanks for posting this-- I did romanize this before (its up on the romaji comm) but I always like seeing the original scan to double-check.
I take scans, thank you ^_^

Totally random, but I googled 戦友共闘歌 to find a better scan of the cover for my iTunes and your scans were the first thing that popped up. Thank you for doing this! I only own their major releases so I'll have to wait to check a Book Off or Closet Child the next time I go to Japan to find their more indies releases.

You wouldn't happen to have any of the other live CD scans would you? Or for their harder to find stuff like 拒絶された机-単独型円盤- or 『枯咲き歌』~開場型円盤~ would you? :)
Sadly, I don't have the ones you're looking for! I have stuff from 2004 but that's just 開戦宣言 and 空虚の器 (which also had a 2005 re-release barely a month later) which are not live-only releases.

Back in the day, on their old site, they had all their live only cds on their discography with the "no image" image and this one with the cover I have scanned here (which was for this release).

So, sadly, I use their "no image" for their live cds until I get hold of them (glamorous sky was going for $90, not including shipping!) or until someone is nice enough to scan them. And that's saying those cds even HAD covers - a lot of bands put out their cds in paper envelopes with a flyer.

If you ever come across scans of them, please share them with me! I've waited years.. (ノД`)・゜・。
That's okay!

I figured it was a long shot anyway, it's just funny that for my favorite band I only have like...11 album covers, haha.

And yeah wow, the days that giru gave out their CDs in envelopes. With how big they continue to get, it's hard to believe they were ever like that. I still remember as recently as two years ago when like nobody I knew was into them.

And Glamorous Sky for $90?! Nooo way. Though I do wish their older stuff was more easily accessible. It took me like two weeks to get the lyrics for ミッドナイト off Mixi so I could translate them for the blog community. D:

But if I do find them, I will definitely let you know! I wish I had looked more the last time I was in Japan but I don't even know if I would have been able to find them even if I tried. That might be something you just luck into. :/

And I've already rambled too much at this point but your LJ handle makes me really 懐かしい for their old individual blogs. :)
YAY! Someone finally noticed that this name was from satoshi's old blog!!ー♪ Anyone who's been a fan of them from the get go would know the handle! You get major cookies!! ~~且_(^▽^*)

I have their old blogs archived just in case it was to ever go down when they did the switch - but oddly enough, they're all still up and running!

I've been such a fan of them since they started, (cute satoshi and his "good morning" mug!) and it's so much fun to watch them evolve and the fanbase as well! The giru comm didn't even exist until late 2005 - I think I even made the first post XDD;; - and now, it's grown so HUGE! There was like, barely 10 members at the time XD

Closet Child's cd shop had a bunch of girugamesh stuff online about a year ago I remember - that's actually where I saw Glamorous Sky going for such an insane amount of money. I mean, it's not that old and it's only one song!

Otherwise, yahoo!japan shopping is a good place to look when you're not in japan. But it's all run like you said, luck. =/


December 1 2008, 07:17:26 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  December 1 2008, 07:19:57 UTC

Haha awesome! And well, I can't hide that I'm a huge Satoshi fan so...♥

But anyway, what sucked for me about their old blogs was, at the time I didn't know enough Japanese to read them but my friend would always post his blog pictures and I remember being like, "No way is that adorable boy the one singing like that!" Truth to be told, when I first heard them, I thought all the boys were in their late not early 20's, ROFL. But in his old pictures, he was so like...I dunno. BOYISH. It's hard to believe he was only 20 years old when they started; such a baby!

And I do, too! I wasn't gonna say anything because I'm stingy but my friend caught me on gchat the other day with a "Guess what I found?" surprise. And now years later that I can actually read and speak Japanese I can't wait to sit down and read them after my finals are over. :)

That's awesome! I may not be the very get-go since I didn't get into them until somewhere around the first half of 2005 but I can safely say they surpassed bands I'd listened to a lot longer very quickly. But I know what you mean! I remember when me and my friend from highschool were the only people I knew that liked them. Then, even when when I started to figure out LJ more and find communities and friends with common interests, not that many people I knew were into them.

Even over the last year or two, the band and the fanbase have changed so much! And not negatively. It's like, and I was talking about this to one of my friends the other day but girugamesh--somehow, someway--is able to touch fans in the same way. Like their fanbase generally has the same feeling about them. I think because they're not an "image band" per se, I feel like people have more genuine reasons to like and follow them. If that makes sense.

Obviously they make me a rambling mess so.... :D

And unfortunately I didn't get the chance to see them until this past March. I missed them at JRR; even though they were the main reason I wanted to go along with Despa and Merry. So, I didn't see them until I actually went to Japan. It was so worth it though and I envy my friends that have seen them multiple times like no other because no band has ever left me with the same feeling they did.

Ok. I'm killing your thread and I have my Japanese final in the morning and haven't even started on businesses Japanese yet. :/

But if you feel like continuing and talking more about the boys, then I'll try to reply tomorrow. :)