an indecent and candid desire (hoikelll) wrote,
an indecent and candid desire


I need help! I can't choose which bag i would like to buy! It's the same bag but I don't know which color is best overall.

I already have a pink bag (which this bag will replace) that looks EXACTLY the same but different patches, this has thicker and cool leather straps, and it's bigger (which I need).

Do I buy the pink one (which would be the only pink thing I own) or pick the black one with the purple patch (the purple is iffy for me but~~!!) as it might coordinate better with a range of clothing verses the pink. Then again, you can't deny how awesome the black leather goes with the pink plaid!!

What do you think??
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it's flashier and looks cooler. who cares if it doesn't match your clothes? XD

damn they look so cool D:
That's what I think as well! So much flashier~

Deleted comment

What about the purple on the first one? for some reason it bothers me. i'd rather it be something else.. like even white! I think that would look better.

Deleted comment


10 years ago

i think the pink one is awesomer :)
I think the pink one looks pretty awesome - but the black one will match more of your clothes. sell one of your internal organs and buy both?
Definitely the pink one, it's awesome.
I say black, The pink is nice but aside from black, what else can pink go with.
I vote for pink *grins*
Man, that's a tough one! I think I'll have to vote for the pink one, though. Pink plaid! Come on now. And who cares if it doesn't go with your clothes? I have a pink and black bag with skulls all over it and it doesn't go with any of my clothes.

But pink plaid! Man, I wish I could buy one too. If I wasn't buying a house and therefore didn't have slightly more important things like a washer, dryer and dishwasher to buy I totally would. XP

You make it very hard for me to even consider the first one now XDD!
This is so funny XDD

UMmmm... HELLO I'M BACK!!! >< And I hope you went for the pink because it looks awesome <3
I was about to go for the pink one but then I had to use the money I was saving for it.. so I was unable to get it! T-T


10 years ago