an indecent and candid desire (hoikelll) wrote,
an indecent and candid desire




I'm definitly getting the shirt. I'm going to talk to my lovely host and ask if she can order them for me ( ´∀`)

I definitly want the two pairs of pants but im not sure which I would prefer right now. I can only afford one of them right now. Later, if i have enough money I might get the second pair OR maybe the bag. Not sure. I don't want my pink bag I got from asiajam anymore, im just tired of all the pink. But the bag is rather expensive so I hope that one will stay on the site long enough into the end of august so I can order that too.

I just want a new outfit.. I really need clothes right now (ノД`)・゜・。
Tags: algonquins, clothing, tokyogems, zomfg-i-want
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the shirt is awesome~
okay yes that shirt is freaking hot. *o*
Ooooh, I like those *_*
gkladkjg *DROOLING ALL OVER THE SHIRT* omg that is so cool kgaljs waaant D:
omg i totally want that top *3*
akshfalskf sex. i want.
Those clothes are so cool!!! *drools over them*
I will only endorse this outfit if you send me pics of you wearing it.
That I can do~
The first pair of pants is probably the most beautifull pants I've ever seen in my life *wants them as well*
Yes, I'm leaning to get that pair first. I'm in such need of new pants and those would make me SO happy!