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GIRUGAMESH - 戦友共闘歌 (2005.04)

Tada~! I come bearing wonderful gifts! These are scans and rip of a live-only distributed cd of girugamesh! This is a few years old, everyone has the song (or well, they should!) but I ripped it in full quality. Enjoy!

album: 戦友共闘歌 (2005.04)
artists: ギルガメッシュ

01. 白状の指輪 (ギルガメッシュ)
(title: hakujou no yubiwa - album: senyuu kyoutou uta - artist: giruagmesh)

There was something odd about this disc. I put in the girugamesh disc, and a little window popped up asking me to choose between three tracks. Instinctively, I selected girugamesh (track 3). The first track, i assumed was the other band or just a different band from that live. The second track (and this is the kicker) was a song from LL COOL J. (WTFYO!!) I put the disc back into my computer to rip the other two songs for shits and giggles but something strange happened, the window I saw didn't appear again and it went straight to playing giruagmesh! So, I plugged in the second disc featuring the other band. It listed the file information for girugamesh's song on the other disc but what I was listening to wasn't girugamesh! And I can't seem to bring the window back at all, or rip the other songs from any program. THIS IS ALL SO WEIRD AND STRANGE!!
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I need help! I can't choose which bag i would like to buy! It's the same bag but I don't know which color is best overall.



I already have a pink bag (which this bag will replace) that looks EXACTLY the same but different patches, this has thicker and cool leather straps, and it's bigger (which I need).

Do I buy the pink one (which would be the only pink thing I own) or pick the black one with the purple patch (the purple is iffy for me but~~!!) as it might coordinate better with a range of clothing verses the pink. Then again, you can't deny how awesome the black leather goes with the pink plaid!!

What do you think??
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pants: Collapse )

I'm definitly getting the shirt. I'm going to talk to my lovely host and ask if she can order them for me ( ´∀`)

I definitly want the two pairs of pants but im not sure which I would prefer right now. I can only afford one of them right now. Later, if i have enough money I might get the second pair OR maybe the bag. Not sure. I don't want my pink bag I got from asiajam anymore, im just tired of all the pink. But the bag is rather expensive so I hope that one will stay on the site long enough into the end of august so I can order that too.

I just want a new outfit.. I really need clothes right now (ノД`)・゜・。